Thursday, August 25, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 - Day 25


August 25 - What makes for a good character?

History. That could come from a pre-prepared detailed background or it could be rolled up randomly from charts and tables, or it could come from being a nameless zero level peon who survived encounter after encounter, beat the odds, and established themselves a little slice of legend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 - Day 24


August 24 - What is the game you are most likely to give to others as a gift?

Pandemic. Simple but brutal. Fun and frustrating. And possessed of some of the most cunningly evil game mechanics ever. It's also probably my favorite board game that can be played with non-board gamers. Also I love the fact that you win or lose as a group and victory always feels like an accomplishment.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 - Day 23


August 23 - Share one of your best "Worst Luck" stories?

This happened quite recently during a monthly DCC session. My dwarf, Bellows, had a nice middle of the road luck score of 10. He decided to show how awesome he was and drink a glass of river water that had a minnow in it. The GM requested a luck check.


Bellows started to choke. A smack on the back and 1 HP lost later the fish was flopping on the floor. Bellows, not to be outdone by a tiny fish, plopped in back into the drink and had a second go. Another luck check was requested.

Fail (I think it was a 13)

Once more Bellows began to choke. His friends tried by failed to help so Bellows ran into a wall to force the fish free. 1 more damage taken. Later he got a chance to rest a bit, and gained 1 HP back (meaning he was down 1 HP from max).

Much later a bear charged him. His attack failed to connect (an attack that likely could have killed the bear) and the bear attacked back! Claw! Miss! Claw! Miss! Bite! CHOMP! 8 points of damage.

Did I mention that 1st level Bellows only had 9 HPs when fully healed? Did I point out that he was down exactly 1 HP because of a minnow?

Bellows died because of the unlikely tag team efforts of a huge bear and a tiny fish.

BUT WAIT! In DCC you get a luck check if the PCs can recover the body fast enough. "17"

Yup, that's a dead dwarf. Unluckiest day of his life.